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3X3 ProShow Awards 10

I've been lucky enough, and I'm extremely honoured to have had no fewer than 11 images selected for inclusion in the 3X3 ProShow Awards Annual. This being their 10th anniversary the annual is going to be produced with a hard cover which should make it look even nicer than it already does! My selected images appear in the conceptual editorial, sports editorial, covers and self promotion sections. Huge thanks to the judges who voted for my work and to the fantastic Art Directors that allow me to do this weird and wonderful job.



Ltd Edition Skateboard

There's nothing nicer than having something from your past come around to make some kind of sense of your present time. I spent years avoiding 'proper' jobs in a skateboard obsessed, supposedly mis-spent youth, mid 80's and well into the 90's. I wouldn't swap it for anything, even with the creaky knees and knackered ankles that I ended up with, it was worth it to have been part of that scene. Now I'm truly excited to have been given my own signature model by the towering Tim Ruck at the Boarding House, it turns out I'm a bit better at illustrating than I ever was at skateboarding but I managed to get what I used to dream of in the end, albeit for a different reason!
Ltd edition Mark Smith model skateboard now available from House Skateboards, purchase through my website or go to the Boarding House for more info.


ESPN Magazine

My latest image for ESPN is about how the New England Patriots manage to keep on winning, despite their ageing QB Tom Brady (something along those lines anyway). My shortened descriptions never do the Bryant column justice, to get the full gist you'll have to buy the mag. It both looks, and is, fantastic, probably the best sports mag out there, and as far as I'm concerned digital mags just dont cut the mustard yet, not as nice as having the info in your hand.


3X3 Magazine Issue 20 feature

I've kept this under my hat for a little while but the magazine is now available for digital download so I'm thinking it's ok to post this, and I can't think of a better post to kick off the new year.

Charles Hively got in touch with me a while ago and asked if I'd be willing to have my work featured in 3x3 magazine (as if I wouldn't!), I'd have gladly given an arm for this privilege but I did my best to sound cool about it. I was introduced to 3x3 by my illustration tutor Ashley Potter when I was in art college and I used to marvel at some of the work produced by the artists in it. I'm not sure that I ever really believed that I could compete with these people and this is why it's such a huge honour to have my work featured on 3x3's pages.

Charles' recent redesign of the magazine now combines the award annuals with the magazines and my 16 page feature runs alongside 2 fantastic artists, Jonathan Bartlett and Wesley Allsbrook. Jonathan's work oozes a golden age level of talent and Wesley's linework is as fluid and energetic as any I've seen so don't let my work put you off buying this issue! It's combined with all of the winners of the student competition so I'll sign off with a bit of advice for any aspiring illustrators - working 15 hours a day at a job you love is no more difficult than working 5 hours a day at a job you hate (and I've done more than my fair share of shit jobs), so work hard and you'll get lucky.

Issue 20 is now available for digital download here, and the awards section is jam packed with tomorrows stars (Keren Katz being a particular standout for me).

Here are some of my sample spreads from the issue, happy new year!



LA Society of Illustrators 51 Awards

I had a nice surprise first thing on Christmas day when I found out that these 4 images have been selected in the LA Society of Illustrators annual competition! I celebrated by stuffing my face with far too much food and chocolate. Thanks to the Illustration West judges for the recognition and happy new year!



This is my latest image for the Bryant column in ESPN magazine. The story outlines the lack of respect that basketball coaches get from their star players (with particular reference to the Lakers), rendering them relatively powerless, and can often lead to the destruction of their reputations. This option shows them getting treated like something you might step in, but I also quite liked one of the other options I sent over (below), the failed lion tamer, I'll be looking for an excuse to use this one in the future. Always a pleasure working for Meaghan so another big thanks to her for sending me these great articles to illustrate! Happy holidays!


Johns Hopkins 2

This is an interior image for Johns Hopkins, to go with the article about their historic on-campus privy I blogged about previously. I'm not completely sure when toilet 'rolls' came into use, I'm calling artistic license on this one just in case.

Johns Hopkins

My latest Johns Hopkins cover illustrates a story inspired by the recently renovated 19th Century campus privy. It looks back at the way things were and points out how little our fundamental behaviour and concerns have changed. In fact, with those huge dresses to navigate, the queue for the ladies must have been even longer. To even it up I originally had a puddle of pee leaking out of the mens but that didn't make the final edit! Thanks to Pamela at JH for sending this one over, it was fun!


NY Society of Illustrators 55

I've had this image selected for the New York Society's 55th annual awards book and exhibition, many thanks to all of the judges who voted for my work, it's an honour to be included alongside such illustrious artists.


Golf World

I've mentioned my history as a golf greenkeeper before and I still love making golf related images. In my (sadly deluded) brain, I too can get away with wearing plus-fours and a flat cap, whilst remaining fairly cool, and playing to a handicap of around 4 or 5 (good but not obsessively so). My long suffering golf buddies know all too well how false this is in reality, but then I've never been someone who'd let reality get in the way of a damn good fantasy. Thanks to Tim at Golf World for sending this one over!